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The risks of ignoring data privacy and security compliance


If you ask yourself if your business’ data privacy is compliant and secure, can you give a definite and honest yes? And more importantly, are you protecting your client’s data? If not, then your business must take measures to ensure the security of private data. 

Seventy-three percent of consumers are even more concerned about the security of their data privacy today than a few years ago.

When it comes to businesses and their partners, compromised data can lead to significant impacts on both parties, such as breaches in confidentiality, a loss of trust, and tarnishing of a brand’s reputation and integrity, 

Aside from how a lack of data security can destroy a brand’s image, organizations could face legal battles and financial loss. While this harms the organization, this safety issue extends to clients and partners, which will ultimately cause irreversible damage to your business relationships.

Do you want to be confident in navigating data compliance for your business and partners? 

Watch: The Privacy Puzzle: Navigating Data Compliance with Confidence.

Watch this webinar to learn how AdCellerant can give you insight into what to consider regarding data protection and security when choosing a digital partner. Our commitment to data compliance will make you knowledgeable about what you need to know in the data compliance landscape.

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