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Navigating political advertising: What advertisers need to know


The highly anticipated 2024 political season is nearly upon us. This is a crucial time for print publishers to enter the spotlight and make a significant impact through content and advertising opportunities.

It’s not merely an election year; it’s a pivotal moment in our nation’s political narrative. In this digital age, publishers are still the gatekeepers of information, the recorders of history, and the storytellers of our communities. 

According to recent projections, the 2023-24 election cycle is forecasted to witness an unprecedented $10.2 billion in political advertising spending — a 13% increase from 2019-2020. This surge in spending will make it the most expensive election cycle ever recorded. Now more than ever, print and publishing companies must align their strategies to harness the power of digital platforms. 

Discover more about the surge in political advertising spend, the breakdown of spending per channel, how to embrace change and opportunities, and how AdCellerant can help: