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Are you prepared for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?


This summer, Google will transition you or your client's website to Google Analytics (GA4). Are you ready? Learn more about the who, what, where and why behind Google's transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 by watching our webinar partnering with Google! We cover the differences between the two platforms, why you should migrate today and FAQs. 

Google is still waiting to see the levels of adoption they were hoping for at this point in the rollout. As a result, last week, Google released a free automated setup to advertisers. A few notes about this release after speaking to our Google team:

  • The automatic setup is designed as a fallback option near the migration deadline.
  • Google's primary recommendation is to have GA4 still set up by an expert.
  • The automatic setup approach will make it easier for business owners to set up. However, it will only cover the basics (e.g., sessions and bounce rate).

Your business needs GA4 set up correctly to ensure your marketing efforts:

  • Align with your business objectives.
  • Produce the highest ROI for your digital marketing investments.

An expert at AdCellerant will not only have the basics covered, but will also cover the advanced setup of conversion tracking, custom events, ecommerce tracking (if applicants are still waiting), third-party tracking (if applicable) and integration tracking (e.g., CRM, scheduling platforms).

Have questions or need help making the transition to GA4? Contact us today.


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