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Transparency: Your key to success


When it comes to reporting, are you seeing everything that you need to see? Transparency is key to building strong relationships, long-term success and determining where changes need to be implemented.

Here at AdCellerant, we walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to transparency.

Webinar: Do You See What I See

On April 27, our team of experts hosted a webinar on the importance of transparency, and not all reporting dashboards are created equally.

What you’ll learn from the webinar:

  • Not all reporting dashboards are created equal
  • How transparent reporting helps you grow and retain business
  • Creating a campaign story of success with metrics
  • New reporting features

Ready to dive in and learn more? Watch, or share the recording of the webinar with a colleague at your convenience.

Co-founder and CEO believes in rewarding transparency

AdCellerant CEO and Co-Founder Brock Berry was recently published in Newsweek — a premier news magazine and website that has been bringing high-quality journalism to readers around the globe for over 80 years.

Berry’s article covers the importance of transparency among leaders and within businesses. Within the article, Berry covers a mistake that happened among one of his own employees and how it erased over a week’s worth of data. Instead of this employee shying away from the issue, they completely owned it, and lead the group to a solution.

“Reward transparency by lifting people up and helping them solve their problems. Some companies might have considered writing up a support team member for deleting a week’s worth of data. We chose to promote her. Not only did she jump in and admit to her error, but she ended up being a leader throughout the process, bringing a solution forward to fix it,” said Berry.

Read the full Newsweek article, "Rewarding Transparency Breeds Success — Here’s How," by Brock Berry.

About AdCellerant:

AdCellerant provides businesses access to high-quality digital marketing technology and solutions through partnerships with media companies and agencies. Focused on generating results and growth for businesses of all sizes, AdCellerant offers best-in-class technology and software, award-winning customer service, expert education and exceptional operational support to ensure campaign performance for customers.

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