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Case study: Newspaper partner on track to end 2021 with over $3.4 million in projected revenue


How has your digital pipeline and revenue grown lately? Do you need support building out full funnel and strategic digital recommendations for your clients, that would enable you to close bigger (and better) deals, faster? AdCellerant’s total digital agency platform, UI.Marketing, supports all areas within the digital sales process including training, proposal development, campaign management and fulfillment and, of course, reporting. Our partners are in turn able to create and close campaigns quickly, while maximizing sales time out in the market.

UI.Marketing has statistically improved deal sizes by 20% vs. the average and shortens creation time from over 60 minutes to under 10. Based on clients’ goals and objectives, the built-in Recommendation Engine dynamically sets budgets and platform recommendations to create a custom proposal.

To streamline the entire digital campaign selling process, AdCellerant created Campaign Hub to manage all aspects of digital advertising efforts. Through Campaign Hub, users will be able to find everything in one place and can easily navigate to campaign communication and reporting. Double entry is also eliminated as proposals can be turned into insertion orders with one click.

As highlighted in this partner case study, the AdCellerant platform can support your sales team in growing digital revenue all within an easy, trackable, scalable and white-labeled solution.

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