AAM audited digital publishers included in IAB Tech Lab Transparency Center


As digital advertising continues to grow and accelerate, it can be challenging for quality publishers to stand out in a programmatic environment that often can be complex and opaque. As a result, media buyers waste money on fraudulent websites that offer no real ROI while publishers lose out on missed revenue opportunities.

The industry has developed several complementary solutions to help buyers find quality media partners and publishers win back revenue. It’s important for publishers to know about these resources and incorporate them into the selling process when possible.

One such tool recently launched by the IAB Tech Lab — an organization committed to creating solutions to bring greater transparency to the supply chain such as ads.txt and sellers.json — is the IAB Tech Lab Transparency Center. This online resource aggregates company data from across the supply chain to help buyers and sellers learn more about the industry standards and compliance programs their digital advertising partners adhere to, including the AAM Digital Publisher Audit. Buyers use this information to select media partners that provide them with a trusted advertising environment that delivers positive results.

All publishers that participate in the AAM Digital Publisher Audit are included in the Transparency Center within the Compliance Registry section via both browsable data tables and an API that media buyers can use to enable bidding on AAM-audited domains. The AAM Digital Publisher Audit is a new audit program that differentiates quality publishers to help marketers make better, more productive media investments while giving publishers a greater share of ad revenue. AAM is currently offering the audit to all AAM publishers at no charge through 2021.

AAM was the first industry compliance program to collaborate with the IAB Tech Lab to integrate its list of audited digital publishers into the Compliance Registry, which includes companies that have successfully completed select industry compliance programs. Media buyers can use the list of AAM-audited digital publishers to create inclusion lists or prioritize audited publishers in Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) and direct buys.

Contact AAM to learn more about how to participate in the complimentary Digital Publisher Audit program.