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Connect with your readers and advertisers and share gratitude with your community (and earn some revenue, too)

2020 has been a challenging year. Through it all, we have learned about our ability to persevere and keep faith and hope alive – and to find that undeniable attitude of GRATITUDE

This holiday season, America’s Newspapers and Sachs Media are launching Share Gratitude 2020, a campaign to recognize all the things we are grateful for. This campaign is available to members of America’s Newspapers to launch around the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Join the National Campaign

By joining this campaign, your newspaper will be part of a national effort to celebrate the many things we are grateful for. This campaign will be promoted through markets across the country and through social media channels. The more people who participate, the stronger the message! 

Register here to access the Share Gratitude 2020 campaign!

Make it Local

Ask your readers to share their messages on your social media pages. You can select special messages for publication in print using the campaign template pages we are providing, or you can customize them if you prefer. To make the campaign even more effective, reach out to local leaders, political officials, business owners and notable residents to ask them to share their message of gratitude. The campaign is a great way to generate goodwill in your community and share a message of hope. 

Generate New Revenue

Earn some additional Q4 revenue by inviting local sponsors to be a part of this special effort.  This campaign is perfect for advertisers who want to thank the community for their support – auto dealers, healthcare providers, insurance companies, etc. Their logos can appear on the promotional ads throughout the campaign providing great exposure through a positive message. 

Connect with Your Community through Editorial Content

Share Gratitude 2020 provides a great editorial platform to spotlight individuals and groups in your community that have made a difference in 2020. Medical professionals and front-line workers, emergency and first responders, teachers and educators, civic and government workers and others deserve to be recognized for their efforts in 2020. 

Participating in Share Gratitude 2020 is Easy

To participate in this program, simply click here and register to receive the ads. You’ll receive a link to access all of the templates and files for the campaign, courtesy of America’s Newspapers and Sachs Media. To show our gratitude, this campaign is available at no cost!

Please note, these files are customizable for your market to add logos, domains, social media or other information. The templates are designed so each market can spotlight individual messages on a regular basis. 

Assets in the campaign include:

  • Press release announcing the Share Gratitude campaign. This release includes areas for local markets to add their own names, logos and quotes.
  • Style guides for the Share Gratitude campaign.
  • Full-page Share Gratitude ad, customizable to include messages from your readers.
  • Half-page Share Gratitude ad, customizable to include messages from your readers.
  • Quarter-page Share Gratitude ad that promotes the campaign and tells readers how to make submissions to the website.
  • Digital Banner ads promoting the campaign. These ads should click through to either your website, social media pages or the sharegratitude2020 website.
  • Social Media ads for your social sites.
  • File for a landing page for your website.


  • We recommend that you launch your Share Gratitude 2020 campaign during the week of Thanksgiving and run it through the end of the year.
  • To maximize the effectiveness of the campaign, we recommend running one full page, including messages from readers, each week, preferably on Sunday.
  • Additionally, running the quarter-page print ads and the digital banners and social media ads regularly will encourage participation in the program.
  • Sponsorship rates for Share Gratitude 2020 are at the discretion of each market. This is a unique opportunity for an advertiser this holiday season.

Questions?  Contact Greg Watson, chief marketing officer, America’s Newspapers, at

Register here to access the Share Gratitude 2020 campaign!

Our members keep 100% of the revenue they generate through this campaign.

Share Gratitude 2020 campaign helps Americans reflect on things for which they're thankful — even in this tough year

By Dean Ridings and Ron Sachs

Most Americans are likely to look back on 2020 as the most difficult year in their lives, personally and professionally. The prolonged grip of the global COVID-19 pandemic and its severe direct and indirect impacts have translated into unexpected fiscal and physical problems for most individuals, families, workplaces and communities.

The virus and other stressors of 2020 have draped a blanket of dark days from coast to coast, leaving many Americans grappling with the question of how to keep their spirits up. America’s Newspapers, a national newspaper trade association, and Sachs Media, a leading Florida-based national communications firm, have partnered to launch Share Gratitude 2020 as a way to ignite a spirit of thankfulness, an inspiring holiday campaign from now through the end of the year.

Share Gratitude 2020 encourages all people throughout the country to look into their hearts and share the things for which they’re most grateful — health, family, faith, friends, pets or anything else — through the power of hometown newspapers and social media. This initiative is an opportunity for everyone to count their blessings, even through this hardest time, and to share their thoughts as a way to inspire others.

We’re grateful that hundreds of daily community newspapers across the USA are participating in this program. And, we’re proud to provide this campaign to millions of Americans to help recognize the positive core values in our lives. While this year has been challenging, we don’t want to be defined by the darkness; we want to ignite a spark in everyone.

To join the effort, please consider how you and your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers can reflect on the things for which you are thankful.  Visit and click on "Share My Gratitude" — write about things for which you’re grateful and decide if you want to share a photo or video.

While COVID-19 and other challenges may continue to be a daily factor in our lives into 2021, we know that there are also solutions coming as well. It is our hope that you will participate in this simple solution that amplifies hope for the holiday season.  And to get this campaign started, we’re grateful for you, our readers, who care about our community. Thank you for sharing the gratitude!

Dean Ridings, CEO of America’s Newspapers, may be reached at 
Ron Sachs, Founder/CEO of Sachs Media, may be reached at