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The more popular Wehaa’s dynamic digital creative production became, the more we saw a need for our partners to have a centralized database to manage everything from A-Z. Running dynamic digital campaigns for local advertisers opens up a new revenue channel with good returns. But there are a lot of moving pieces and resources involved that pose a big challenge for media publishers.

To help make dynamic digital quick and efficient, Wehaa has create Campaign Center:  an online console where you can order hands-free dynamic digital creatives, proof campaigns, request edits/revisions, pick up ad tags, run advertiser reports and more.

As a special New Year's offer, we would like to extend all America’s Newspapers members 50% off their first dynamic digital creative order. Offer ends Feb. 28, 2023.

Wehaa’s dynamic digital creative solves several pain points while giving you great margins. Dynamic creative includes display ads (with a beautiful reveal ad), HTML email, social media and videos with AI voice-over.

Our partners like these features and benefits:

  • Works on retail, automotive, real estate, coupons, grocery, jobs/employment and more.
  • Feed-less integration using Wehaa’s Smart Import technology.
  • Direct Click-Through your advertiser will love!
  • Quick and efficient order process with fast turn-around.
  • Professional custom design and great click-through rates.

Take a quick look at our dynamic digital overview on this video:  Wehaa Data Banner

Most media publishers do not offer dynamic digital campaigns to their local advertisers. Several factors are to blame, but the bottom line is time and expense. Dynamic creative requires not only design but also development integrating product feeds. Then there is the task of tying in performance metrics with advertiser reports. And reports are what it’s all about!

Even if you have the resources, outsourcing dynamic development could make more sense by saving valuable IT and design hours and making it hands-free for your local advertisers. Wehaa’s DataBanner makes it quick and simple to add “high impact” dynamic digital campaigns to your sales deck. Creative mediums include display banners, HTML email and social media product catalogs. Wehaa has streamlined the process from beginning to end making it hands-free for you AND your advertisers. Turnaround time is one to two days for most standard campaigns.

“DataBanner is a great solution for media publishers to get started in dynamic digital,” says Kevin Collins, Wehaa VP Sales. “However, most of our partners using DataBanner already had a digital sales product. But converted to DataBanner because it’s more efficient, costs less than in-house and our conversion rates are better.” 

If you’re looking for additional reach and exposure, Wehaa can help with traffic distribution using programmatic targeting and retargeting. We can help with video traffic using OTT & CTV that utilizes mobile location technology.

To see a gallery of our dynamic digital and get a demo of the new Campaign Center, please carve out a time using Kevin Collins' calendar link: Simply mention you read this offer in the Solutions Newsletter to receive 50% off your first order.

Kevin Collins is VP Sales, Wehaa, and can be reached at