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For the first time that I can remember, automotive dealers are now looking for digital campaigns that drive targeted auto intenders to their website. Previously, the goal of digital advertising was to get auto intenders to walk onto a dealer’s lot.

Due to the continued inventory shortages, dealers are now including “in-transit” inventory on their websites. Timing has never been better to run dynamic digital campaigns for your auto, RV, boat, powersport dealers. Using Wehaa’s Smart Import & Direct Click-Through technologies, you can drive local auto intenders directly to a dealer’s VDP pages.

As dealers add in-transit inventory to their website, Wehaa’s Smart Import adds the inventory to dynamic digital campaigns. We are now seeing in-transit inventory account for up to 50% of a dealer’s online inventory.

Wehaa has been working closely with media advertising personnel and local auto dealers to find the sweetspot. Testing different platforms like Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads, video, re-targeting and analyzing data for best results.

New research has proven that consumers engage better when they see an ad on multiple platforms. Dynamic creative is still the best method of delivery and Wehaa can now create dynamic video ads. We are now capable of delivering dynamic video ads via OTT/CTV combined with dynamic display and HTML email to give your dealers a multi-platform campaign with real-time targeting and re-targeting of auto intenders.

Don’t let advertising agencies and social media marketers steal your customers. Let us show you how to create innovative and effective marketing campaigns using the latest technology and best practices. We’ve found each market is a little different and requires a good understanding of the landscape in order to attract your local dealers.

Give us 20-minutes of your time and we’ll show you several different ways capture digital auto revenue.

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In the News:

  1. Best of Atlanta: Wehaa is excited to launch phase II of our Best of Atlanta contest. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently launched a local publication, Access Atlanta, and selected Wehaa to run its much-anticipated Best of Atlanta contest.  Access Atlanta focuses on local entertainment, things to do and events. The AJC is using both Wehaa’s Best Of survey solution and the online Winner’s Gallery. One of the big benefits in choosing Wehaa is the support and service. Unlike the competition, Wehaa does a lot of the heavy lifting.

  2. Real Estate: The housing market has shifted, and publishers are moving quickly to provide dynamic digital campaigns for local agents and brokers. Congratulations to the Southeast Missourian for selecting Wehaa’s real estate solution to give its brand a new look, responsive functionality, web-to-print reverse publishing and several digital upsell packages. As part of the Rust Communication family, is now live and providing newfound revenue for the company.

  3. Habla Espanola: Another new real estate customer is EC Hispanic Media, owner and operator of el Clasificado. They have selected Wehaa to build out its new real estate platform — a regional listings website that will integrate with their national online classifieds site. The project is a long-time desire for EC Hispanic and a great fit for a very popular Latin brand.

Let’s carve some time and I’ll give you an overview of the hottest digital revenue solutions in our portfolio. Use my calendar link to book a quick demo

Kevin Collins
VP, Sales & Marketing – Wehaa


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