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Media Cloud, the technology that fits every newsroom

  • Protecmedia solutions allow small and medium-size newsrooms to work with the latest editorial technologies.
  • This suite covers all the needs of a newspaper, such as editing, advertising, analytics and distribution.

Protecmedia, the Spanish technology company specializing in editorial solutions for media outlets, keeps revolutionizing the publishing sector with the most complete suite of solutions for small and medium-size newsrooms with Media Cloud.

The increasingly massive use of technology has led to a democratization of access to information by the general population. This trend, far from smoothing out its growth curve, is increasing and the appearance of mobile technologies, such as 4G and the recent 5G, will only strengthen this trend.

It seems obvious that technological improvements are changing the way newsrooms work. Audiences demand "real time" information, easy to consume and adapted to their interests. In this way, technology must help journalists meet these demands. To achieve it, media outlets have to adopt the most innovative technologies to meet the requirements of their consumers.

These solutions might seem to be exclusively for large media outlets and publishing groups, but reality shows otherwise. Although the concentration of media in large groups is a fact, it is also true that the pandemic and technological developments have given rise to opportunities for regional and specialized media.

These smaller media have greater flexibility to manage changes and adopt innovative technological solutions, in many cases based on Cloud technologies such as Protecmedia's Media Cloud.

Cloud technologies provide many benefits for these newsrooms:

  • Lower investment in IT by not needing large servers or powerful machines in the newsroom.
  • Reduced installation costs.
  • Faster and easier implementation.
  • Easily scalable.
  • Access to the virtual newsroom from anywhere and using any device.

Protecmedia's Media Cloud offers a complete suite designed specifically for your needs.

Media Cloud Editorial:

Media Cloud Editorial is a unique editorial system designed to simplify editing and publishing of digital and print content. It allows access to all the functionalities from any device and from anywhere, even without an internet connection. In addition, it includes features to facilitate SEO positioning, reader loyalty and content monetization.

Media Cloud Advertising:

Manage all your campaigns with a single multi-channel system integrated with Google Ad Manager and its own CRM. Thus, the team has all the information unified in a single tool and can directly optimize the campaigns. It is possible to hire, manage, monitor and optimize each campaign from a single environment. The system also incorporates analytical panels that provide a quick view of results.

Media Cloud Audiences:

Two different tools are designed to know your audience, encourage the engagement of your readers and adopt a subscription strategy. Motivate users’ reading habits and multiply your web visits by sending push notifications of your content. Analyze your readers’ preferences and configure different types of paywalls to increase your income. Access to Smart Data facilitates the configuration of the most effective paywall in each case.

Media Cloud DAM:

A file management system allows writers access to what they need when they need it without spending hours looking for documents that they can't find.

About Protecmedia:

Protecmedia is a Spanish company that specializes in software development for news media. We have more than 40 years of international experience in more than 26 countries around the world. Protecmedia proposes integrated solutions that cover editorial, audience and advertising processes. More information at:


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