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Full circle with My News 360


When it comes to content management software, there is an overwhelming number of suppliers. Most content management systems offer somewhat similar features.

Still, not all are created equal.

It is imperative for publishers to have the edge. Whether it’s integration, flexibility or time, having the advantage can be the difference between keeping the lead and falling behind.

With Presteligence’s My News 360, publishers can gain that edge.

What is My News 360?

My News 360 is a cloud-based, multi-channel publishing platform to create, distribute and monetize your multimedia content. Presteligence has the first-hand experience in the features publishers want compared to what is used.

Services include, but are not limited to:

1. Web CMS

Web-based content management system allows reporters to write and edit news stories, tag assets, enrich stories with photos and videos and manage content for multi-channel output.

2. Fully Responsive Website

Combined with the My News 360 CMS to publish your digital content.

3. E-Edition

My News e-Edition produces a digital view of the printed newspaper along with related content from stories, photos, videos and breaking news. It provides a means for subscribers to access their news via a publisher branded website on computers, mobile devices and tablets.


Utilizing a CMS specifically for newspapers will positively impact your editorial workflow. One like My News 360 has unrivaled integrations with multiple newspaper systems for layout and production.

What is even better, My News 360 can be implemented in stages. Some publishers opt to deploy the CMS and STATUS for page design before deploying a new website while others prefer to configure the newly designed website prior to using the CMS. Regardless of order, staging these deployments can prevent users from being overwhelmed with too many changes all at once.

Scalability and Flexibility

Your CMS should be able to grow with your organization. Not the other way around. My News 360 answers many questions that arise when it comes to flexibility.

1. In need of a new publication, or webpage?
My News 360 can seamlessly and easily add new content.

2. Is content search and sharing between sister sites a priority?
My News 360 can place articles into specific folders which can then be edited/published by each respective site. You can also post immediately to all sites, streamlining the ability to get the word out to everyone.

3. Can we remote into the system?
Users MUST have remote access to the CMS so content can be provided from anywhere and any device. Users can be in the field, make story edits on the fly, shoot photos or video, and upload them before getting back to their workspace.


When choosing a new CMS, time is often the most important factor. How long will it take to implement? How long will it take for users to get accustomed to the system?

We work with customers on a timeline that makes sense for their environment. Typically the full bundled service can be deployed within 8-12 weeks from the kick-off meeting.

To make it even easier for users, Presteligence’s My News 360 support team provides first-class support to help make the transition to the new system as fast, easy and comfortable as possible. Training is typically done via an online webinar where there is an opportunity to ask questions. It is also recorded so users can go back to reference it if needed.

Full circle

Whether you are looking for an all-in-one digital publishing solution or have a specific piece of your operation that needs improved, My News 360's suite of services will surpass your expectations.

Contact us today for more information — or request a live demo — and find out how My News 360 can help your business succeed.


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