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Enter NewsXtreme Cloud

NewsXtreme Cloud is a powerful, fully integrated workflow service for CTP environments. The software is entirely managed by Presteligence and hosted securely on our own servers within a private cloud.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a cloud-based solution. Here are the top reasons publishers have made the switch to NewsXtreme Cloud.

Outdated hardware and software

It's inevitable. Hardware does not last forever, and software releases are seemingly constant. Whether it's time, cost or integration feasibility, there are always reasons to not upgrade.

As a hosted service, NewsXtreme Cloud always runs the latest version removing the need for hardware upgrades and software updates.

Limited or no IT resources

Needing to keep hardware and software up-to-date is one thing. Having the resources to carry out those tasks is another. It's time-consuming and not very cost-effective having knowledgeable resources resolving hardware issues to ensure the system continues to run smoothly.

With NewsXtreme Cloud, IT staffs are free from worrying about hardware replacement, software upgrades, OS maintenance and security.

Threat of virus attacks

From the average users' laptop, to the largest commercial software, the threat of virus attacks is ever-present. With NewsXtreme Cloud, publishers need not worry.

NewsXtreme Cloud runs NewsXtreme prepress workflow software in Presteligence's secure, private cloud with built-in redundancies and failovers to ensure a secure workflow regardless of the size of the production environment.

Future print volume

The newspaper industry is unpredictable. The ability to extend services to newly purchased papers, or scale down for regionalization or consolidation is imperative.

With NewsXtreme Cloud, publishers can scale their production capacity up and down to meet their organization’s production requirements. No longer does a publisher have to build for the future or be constrained by decisions made in the past.

The human element

The software working as it should is expected. First and foremost, making our customer's lives easier is why we do what we do. We made NewsXtreme Cloud to give flexibility to publishers and their employees.

Along the lines of collaboration, NewsXtreme Cloud gives employees the opportunity to work remotely while accessing necessary files and systems.

Users can open files with the latest updates made by another user, eliminating the passing back and forth of files.

Authorized users can see the status of page production, make annotations, request changes or approve a page. Users will get an email notification when an action is needed.

Working with IT as the first-level of support for staff generates a positive outcome in the hosted services deployment. Presteligence support will help train IT staffs to be that first-level of support when users have questions. Being on-site, they can provide one-on-one assistance and submit trouble tickets as needed.

We believe in cloud software

At Presteligence, we've seen firsthand how cloud-based solutions can lead to great success for our customers. Of course, we love seeing our customers succeed. What we truly strive for is making life for our customers much easier and less stressful.

Request a demo with Presteligence today and see what NewsXtreme Cloud can do for you.


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