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Want to simplify SMB sales? Think packages!


By today, every publisher knows the problem: The margins on >$5k clients is decreasing. The challenges are multi-folded with manual processes driving cost, switching to low-margin channels such as Facebook, and clients having challenges seeing the value of display campaigns.

In Europe, where the advertisement market is more dominated by SMBs than in the U.S., we are painfully aware of the problem. This is why we are calling it the >$5k problem and are changing how publishers are selling digital advertisement to SMB clients. One of our key features are click packages, where clients buy a fixed number of clicks, making it easy to understand and sell. But how do we do it?

Automation of order entry and handling

Booking campaigns is a tedious and costly process, across teams and systems. At Nexta we have understood this challenge and created a solution that eliminates the complexity of handling orders.

Such is especially important with small campaigns, where complexity eats up margins. With our two-step order entry, sellers can focus their time on selling campaigns and stop going through long internal processes. In the background Nexta’s automation creates and handles the campaigns within minutes, eliminating costly manual errors and reducing operational cost significantly.

Ensuring client value and publisher margin

While agencies are hiring a team of performance managers to manage campaigns, we have algorithms (NeOO) doing such six times a day. This has two benefits. First, we handle multiple goals at the same time, for example a CPC goal and a wanted distribution across channels. Based on a predefined CPC sales price, our system ensures a stable margin even if you run campaigns on social and search platforms. Secondly, we pace the campaigns across the period giving your end client a stable number of quality clicks across the whole campaign, just like when running a single campaign. SMB clients will always know what they are buying. We call this a win-win situation.

Integrated reporting to show the value

Another key factor when running campaigns across channels is reporting. Already when running one campaign, reporting and invoicing can be a mess. Our click packages make it easy with single CSV file and PPT reports that visualize the effect and campaign performance to the SMB client. This means you can deliver service normally only available for large clients and provide insights into their ROI without any extra work. The next campaign booking will not be far away.

It's time to sell packages

We are convinced that click packages are a key element to grow the SMB client base. With an automated order entry process, guaranteed margins and integrated reporting to show the value to the client, Nexta’s solution is ready to move your business forward.

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