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A perfect subscription starts with the perfect retention plan


Our podcast this week features retention guru, E&P columnist, and industry insider Richard Brown.

The podcast is available now. Listen in as Richard illustrates his "Law of Sustainable Growth." Richard is the senior director of retention at The Daily Beast. Formerly, Richard was head of digital subscriber churn at Gannett-USA TODAY Network.

The Retention Equation.

Discover how Richard uses KPIs (key performance indicators) to build his retention equation. He keeps it simple and effective by creating, executing and measuring. Whether you build through trial and error or following industry best practices, building community is the key. Richard sees himself as a community steward. Influential content is the differentiator.

Podcast key takeaways:

  • Build community to build retention.
  • Write your retention marketing like you're talking with members, neighbors and friends.
  • Execute touchpoints and triggers within your retention funnels.
  • "Law of Sustainable Growth": putting the focus where it should be.
  • Connecting with community by connecting with influential content.
  • New subscriber onboarding, re-engagement, win-backs, grace period, payment funnels and more.

A Perfect Subscription Begins with the Perfect Retention Plan.

Millions of dollars (your dollars) are at stake. Churn represents the biggest threat to subscription revenue. Without a solid retention equation, you're left chasing high-priced subscription acquisition as the only remedy to replace lost subscribers. There is a better way. NSS supports you with a far more cost-effective strategy. Let's design your program today.

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