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Your guide to subscription pricing strategies


Are your subscription offerings proving popular, or are you struggling to see tangible growth with your current pricing model?

If it’s the latter, it’s time to switch up your approach for faster success.

Whether you’re relatively new to this lucrative channel or you’ve been offering subscription-based products or services for a while, now is the perfect time to reconsider your subscription offerings.

The global subscription industry is set to grow by nearly a quarter in 2022, so it’s important that all publishers capitalize on this solid upward trend by implementing a well-considered monetization strategy that’s designed to reduce churn and deliver more personalized experiences to their customers.

In our latest whitepaper, we’ve shared insider tips to help publishing companies develop pricing plans and paywall structures that yield better results.

In this piece, you’ll find out:

  • How to stop subscribers jumping ship with churn-busting tactics that really work.
  • How to use technology to deliver personalized subscription offerings that better meet your customers’ needs.
  • The pros and cons of modern pricing models.
  • Our views on the nine most popular paywall options for publishers.
  • The 10 key questions you need to consider when deciding which pricing strategies and paywalls are the right fit for your organization.

Download "Pricing & Paywalls: A Guide to Subscription Pricing Strategies" Now

Lineup Systems is the leading global provider of media sales technology. Its cloud-based system, Adpoint, is the industry’s only true end-to-end sales and revenue management solution. It has been specifically designed to enable media businesses to save time, work more efficiently, and increase sales. In 2021, Lineup Systems launched Amplio, an all-in-one platform that assists customers with data consolidation, data-driven continuous marketing, subscriptions and billing.


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