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Attract new subscribers: Parents of preschool children


If we’ve learned anything from the COVID years, parents of young children crave learning materials right at home. When the preschools and libraries shut down, parents of children ages 3-5 needed educational help beyond the usual toys and television. Even now, many preschools are operating with reduced staff and hours, if they have re-opened at all.

Your newspaper can provide just what parents of preschool children need. Enter Kid Scoop JUNIOR. This half-page weekly feature was created by a teacher of young children, a mom of two boys, to enrich the growing brains of little ones. Take a look, then keep reading for ways to fund this educationally-sound, super-fun feature.

Note, you’ll publish Kid Scoop Junior just one day a week, BUT it contains a parent-child activity for every day of the week!

So, how can you fund Kid Scoop Junior? Local Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs, First Five, Head Start and other similar programs have budgets and are excellent sponsors for their preschool education mission. School district leaders know how to reach these preschool program coordinators.

Also, contact any retailer wanting to reach parents of young children, for example, preschools, toy stores, children’s clothing stores, pediatricians. Encourage year-round sponsorship because children are growing all the time!

Your newspaper has this golden opportunity to provide the at-home educational material parents of preschoolers need. Ask parents of preschoolers to write in with their child’s response to Kid Scoop Junior activities … you know how parents love to brag about their kids!

To learn more about Kid Scoop Junior, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at 909-793-9890.


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