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A unique value to gain and grow subscribers


A popular solution to increasing circulation and maintaining subscribers are the money-saving coupons inserted in your newspaper. They’re just one good value for your subscribers. Well, here’s another valuable solution to keep and add subscribers.

In these inflationary times, parents still want to provide smart activities for their children. You can help parents save $5 per month when you have sponsors insert the weekly Kid Scoop youth activity page for children. Did you know that most children’s activity books cost upwards of $5 or more per book?

Reach out to those foundations (many corporations have them), utilities and businesses that are education minded. These are ideal sponsors for years of underwriting Kid Scoop. Tell them that each month they’ll be giving a smart activity “book” worth $60 a year! And your newspaper will be growing your own value along with sponsors and families.

As a former teacher, I’ve been designing Kid Scoop pages for some 30 years with fun activities to keep kids reading and practicing key academic skills. Contact potential sponsors. Show them these lively, educational activities for the children in their families. Your Kid Scoop sponsors will help your community’s children keep up with reading and math skills, and gain science and history knowledge. All family members will find these pages fun, too. You have fun, too! Do the Word Searches!

To learn more about Kid Scoop, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at 909-793-9890.

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