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Why summer is a great time for circulation growth


School’s out! Parents are still looking for ways to keep their kids occupied with fun and games. Your newspaper can help parents with this challenge:

  • Please parents because the Kid Scoop weekly page keeps their children’s brains happily engaged during the summer.
  • Please children with the Kid Scoop page full of puzzles and reading games that children have loved for 30 years in hundreds of local newspapers.
  • Please local educators, teachers and principals, because Kid Scoop helps children avoid the dreaded “learning loss” during the summer months out of school.
  • Please education-minded sponsors for Kid Scoop during the summer to help both parents and educators right now … and prepare for the school year, too.

In the summertime, education-minded managers in both the commercial and non-profit worlds see more children out and about, shopping and playing ball in the parks. This is the time of year to talk to these literacy-minded adults about Kid Scoop and its value to your community. Why?

  • Kid Scoop grows future leaders in your community.
  • Kid Scoop develops reading skills with fun, fun, fun built in.
  • Kid Scoop gives children a connection to your newspaper early on.
  • You can grow circulation all year long with Kid Scoop, while the children are in school and out of school.

The writer of this article is Ellen Creane. She has experience as a freelance reporter for newspapers, an ESL college instructor, a former NIE manager at three newspapers and a marketing communications professional. To reach her for your project, email Also see her LinkedIn profile.

To learn more about Kid Scoop, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at 909-793-9890.


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