COVID-19 Impact Survey to provide data about shopping intentions of local households


Beginning Tuesday, March 24, Portland-based Pulse Research (which is represented by Wormhole) will launch a Covid-19 Impact Survey.  The objective is to provide publications with reader insights on what’s important and to gather current (three months) household shopping intentions.  All newspapers are welcomed and encouraged to participate.  There is no cost to do so.

Participation is as easy as running promotional ads in print, online and via whatever channel you choose.  Pulse will have examples of ads available by Monday, March 23, or you can recreate and brand your own, so long as they point to the correct survey link or URL.

The benefits from participation will be considerable.  If the sample size is adequate, a newspaper will get its own findings; if not, they’ll get the appropriate state or regional report.

To leverage this timely intelligence, Pulse will offer multiple training sessions — on topics such as how to use the data, home office best practices, acting as a consultant and problem-solver and even how to overcome the “why advertise now?” objection.

Having current data about the shopping intentions of local households is exactly what local merchants seek.  This can be a significant differentiator for newspapers now and long after these times have passed.

Newspapers are even more important in these times and Pulse Research is committed to doing everything it can to support, guide and help.  If you’d like to know more, please contact Sammy Papert at or (214) 505–6420.


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