March 3 Webinar (included with your membership)

What can publishers expect in the way of subscription trends?

Media subscription sales shot up 300% in 2020, but how will the sector fare this year?  Lineup Systems and Zephr will share seven trends likely to impact publishers, with suggestions on how to action those trends this year and beyond.

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Our presenters

Sarah Hartland is passionate about making complex ideas accessible for all. She curates, edits and writes for Lineup's newsroom and has been featured in several leading industry publications. Prior to her role as global inbound marketing manager at Lineup Systems, Hartland worked in the streaming video industry as a content marketer and producer.

Mark Whistler is the product marketing director at Zephr, with almost 10 years of experience helping B2B SaaS organizations overhaul their positioning. A London native, Whistler has spent much of his career in AdTech, helping launch Vibrant Media's early programmatic offering in New York before relocating back to London in 2016 where he spearheaded product marketing efforts for WPP's Xaxis, Mediaocean and Signal AI.