Special 75-minute webinar helps employers boost morale and productivity

Presented by Ryan Jenkins, an internationally-recognized keynote speaker, author and generations expert

The COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in remote working has dramatically changed the daily lives of those in the workforce. It’s a change that will continue long into 2021. 

Sixty-one percent of American adults report they are lonely and, among Generation Z workers aged 18-22, 73% report they sometimes or always feel alone.  Today's workers are lonelier than ever before, resulting in a disengaged, disloyal and disenchanted workforce. 

The increase in remote working, the growing importance of inclusion and the need for better well-being at work are all reasons to understand and address loneliness at work.

Webinar participants will gain:

  • Insights into today's modern causes of loneliness.
  • Understanding of the role inclusion plays in solving loneliness.
  • Techniques to decrease loneliness and increase belonging, engagement and performance at work.
  • Best-in-class examples of organizations that have decreased loneliness and increased belonging.
  • Ability to create deep connections and unify a multi-generational team.


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Our presenter

Ryan Jenkins is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker, trainer, two-time published author and a generations expert.

His latest book is "The Generation Z Guide: The Complete Manual to Understand, Recruit and Lead the Next Generation."

For a decade, he has helped organizations optimize generational dynamics, lessen worker loneliness and prepare for the future of work.

His top-ranked insights have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal.

He is also co-founder of Sync Learning Experiences, a learning and development consultancy redefining how workers gain modern skills.

He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, three children and yellow labrador.

Learn more at Ryan-Jenkins.com