Pulse Research partners with Metro Creative Graphics to provide a new benefit to newspapers


Pulse Research and Metro Creative Graphics have announced a new partnership that will offer a field-proven way to successfully close more sales presentations.

“Local businesses want to know the shopping opportunity for their business and then how to reach them to get a larger share. The Pulse-Metro partnership provides an effective 1-2 presentation. Here’s the opportunity, and here’s a spec ad idea to reach them,” says John Marling, president at Pulse Research.

That sentiment is echoed by Rob Zimmerman, president and CEO of Metro, as he points out: “Including a spec ad in follow-up to a Pulse presentation that shows the actual number of households planning to buy increases the close ratio dramatically.”

The results of this new partnership are already generating excitement in test markets: An ad rep recently shared that she is achieving up to “90% closing ratios” when using the Pulse-Metro combination.

Why is this approach so effective? The presentation from Pulse Research shows the value of the newspaper's audience specific to the prospect/customer. The spec ads from Metro show creative ways to immediately reach and connect with those very same buyers.

Pulse and Metro began integrating their sales and creative solutions at the behest of a few key clients in 2018. Based on direct feedback from sales reps in the field, the integration has progressed and users can now toggle back and forth between the two industry partners’ platforms with ease to quickly produce comprehensive, value-driven presentations for every customer call.

For more information, contact Sammy Papert of Wormhole at sammy@wormholellc.com.