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UNITEL strengthens its digital positioning with its new digital strategy

UNITEL has implemented a change in its digital strategy, where website redesign, CMS migration with Protecmedia, and vertical portals have been key decisions for its success.


UNITEL is the most-watched television channel in Bolivia, with nearly 50% market share. Its website — — is the country's most popular news website in terms of user volume and visits.

In 2021, Rubén Darío Rivero joined the team as the head of digital business during a strategic repositioning phase. At that point, UNITEL had a small digital newsroom.

Today, the Digital Unit is strengthened with different profiles: digital business management, web content editing, journalists, social media, development, data, sales and creativity.

What does UNITEL's new digital strategy consist of?

By strengthening the digital team, professionalizing it, and improving the brand's positioning on Google, UNITEL has consolidated itself as a news channel beyond its television presence.

To achieve this, they followed the recommendations of a professional audit, which led them to change their CMS to enable the entire team to independently manage web content. With the switch to Protecmedia, they not only became self-sufficient but also gained technical support and agility.

They modified their web domain from to, redesigned their website, and created the subdomain All of these changes refreshed their image and helped position them not only as a TV channel but also as a news outlet.

The creation of the subdomain worked well for their Google ranking, so they decided to replicate this strategy with verticals to strengthen SEO and traffic through keywords related to their licenses, such as Masterchef, Disney and more.

They also identified which types of content attract the most traffic. They have detected, for example, that sports content is one of the most visited, which is why, a sports news vertical, has been developed to reinforce the positioning of the keywords “sport/football.”

Why did they choose Iter, the CMS by Protecmedia?

Once they defined their strategy, they consulted with various media organizations to evaluate different options before implementing specific actions. This led them to Ecuavisa, which uses Iter, the CMS by Protecmedia. After evaluating its features and compatibility with their strategy, they contacted Protecmedia and set the plan in motion.

“Protecmedia provides the ideal technology, support and training for our team to become self-sufficient in making changes. The new strategy required our team to handle everything independently without the need for technical expertise.” - Rubén Darío Rivero, head of digital business, UNITEL

  • They encountered difficulties in making modifications to their website with their previous CMS provider. Every request incurred costs and waiting time.
  • It was not possible to implement quick solutions to urgent problems (support was based on a ticketing system).
  • Their Google ranking solely positioned them as a TV channel, not a news channel.

  • Change the CMS to a more flexible one.
  • Enable the UNITEL team to independently manage the website.
  • Position UNITEL as a news channel on Google.
  • Improve web performance and traffic indicators.

  • Changed the domain from to
  • Website redesign.
  • Created the subdomain
  • Created subdomains based on license keywords (Masterchef, Disney) and sections with high traffic volume (football, rural channel).
  • Protecmedia provided training to the UNITEL team for autonomous website changes.

  • New and more flexible CMS (Iter).
  • Self-sufficient team in website management.
  • Fast and efficient technical support. 24/7 on-call team.
  • Google searches for UNITEL now correspond to current news, not just their TV programming.
  • Improved web metrics for their verticals: SEO ranking, loading speed and page views.