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Switching to Presteligence's NewsXtreme Cloud: A proven solution for prepress workflow


In an era of rapid technological evolution, the challenges faced by companies are increasing. Failing hardware, outdated software, costs and the looming threat of cyber-attacks have become inevitable realities that businesses must confront. In response to these pressing concerns, Presteligence has a proven solution — NewsXtreme Cloud.

The cloud-based software platform is emerging as the preferred choice for newspaper publishers, providing a secure, efficient and innovative way to transform their operations. Let us delve into the benefits of switching to Presteligence's NewsXtreme Cloud and explore how it is reshaping the landscape of publishing technology.

Aging hardware and cyber threats: catalysts for change

The challenges posed by aging hardware and escalating cyber threats have pushed publishers to reconsider their existing technology stacks. Legacy systems, such as the outdated ECRM violet CTP (Computer to Plate) and obsolete workflow structures, have led to inefficiencies and vulnerabilities in newspaper production. Recognizing this, the industry has begun to pivot towards cloud-based solutions, with NewsXtreme Cloud having emerged as a frontrunner.

Efficiency redefined: The Waccamaw Publishers' success story

Waccamaw Publishers experienced a significant transformation with the adoption of NewsXtreme Cloud. Replacing their old ECRM violet CTP and "Newsmates" workflow, NewsXtreme Cloud provided them with a secure and reliable workflow boasting 24/7 uptime availability. During testing phases, the publication witnessed firsthand the simplicity and ease of use that the new system offered.

"This system is so easy to use, it's going to make production cycle easier."

Becky Stevens, production manager, Waccamaw Publishers

Empowering current customers: The Riverton Ranger and Paxton Media success stories

The allure of NewsXtreme Cloud does not just captivate newcomers; it also has enticed existing customers.

In 2022, Edwards Printing, a current standalone NewsXtreme customer, acquired The Riverton Ranger. Riverton was running production on outdated “WorkMates” software and an aging Goss Community Press. The decision was made to switch Riverton to NewsXtreme Cloud to overcome registration control issues stemming from the outdated software and hardware. NewsXtreme Cloud’s fan-out adjustment features addressed Riverton’s inherent configuration challenges and streamlined production, giving Riverton immediate benefits after the switch.

"I like the ease of use of, and that it takes the user error out of imposition, making it easy to dial things in."

Robert Stover, publisher, The Riverton Ranger

Paxton Media transitioned from standalone NewsXtreme to NewsXtreme Cloud across multiple print sites including Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina and Mississippi. By unifying publications, and leveraging redundant hypervisors and a global CDN, Paxton Media achieved optimal up-time.

"NewsXtreme Cloud was a natural progression for us. We were at a point where aging hardware was not just a nuisance but becoming a real threat to production. Being able to outsource the hardware management and get all the latest updates to NewsXtreme solves many problems at once."

Mike Weafer, group president, Paxton Media

Resilience in the face of adversity: The Standard Examiner circumvents cyber-attack

NewsXtreme Cloud's impact extends beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. Ogden's Standard Examiner found itself as the victim of a cyber-attack that brought its prepress system to a standstill. Presteligence swiftly responded and restored operations. Within hours, NewsXtreme Cloud was up and running, facilitating uninterrupted page processing and production.

This event illuminated not only the software's resilience but also its ability to provide offsite cloud-based production capabilities.

"I called John Stevens in a panic. ... He responded, 'I’ll have you up in three to four hours.' In those next four hours we were up and making plates."

Ben Brickman, operations director, The Standard Examiner

Seamless transition to the future

In a landscape where hardware ages, software updates are relentless, costs create drawbacks and security threats loom large, NewsXtreme Cloud offers a beacon of transformation. Beyond its cost-efficiency and swift implementation, the platform stands out for its seamless transition from the old to the new. The success stories of numerous publishers highlight the impact that NewsXtreme Cloud has on efficiency, security and resilience.

As technology continues to advance, NewsXtreme Cloud is poised to be a driving force behind the next chapter in publishing evolution. With its ability to address legacy challenges and equip publishers with the tools to thrive in the digital age, NewsXtreme Cloud represents a paradigm shift that is propelling the industry forward.

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