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As publishers turn the calendar to 2023, they also turn to PAGE for a review of their expenses and to calculate the savings their membership brings to their bottom line.

Therefore, publishers in the America's Newspapers family can make a New Year’s resolution to check with PAGE, whether you are a member or non-member of the Cooperative.  The PAGE staff is primed to respond to these investigations and has set up a calendar invite to welcome contact from members and non-members. 

See the calendar invite here —

The PAGE staff can discuss your operational needs and connect you with the right vendors that can save you money.  This includes your most needed items which can be obtained from our PAGE preferred partners at a discounted price and consolidated into one monthly bill.

The purchases you make through PAGE accumulate to an end-of-year dividend that is returned to the members in recognition of their volume of purchases. 

Publishers who are not currently members can use the same calendar invite to take a fresh look at the significant savings that buying through the PAGE Cooperative brings.

As a Cooperative that was formed almost 40 years ago, PAGE has now served generations of newspaper leadership.  PAGE bands members together with a common objective of controlling costs but with additional benefits of best practices, advisory and intervention during shortages.

PAGE suppliers/preferred partners also benefit from working with members, as they gain the efficiency of marketing and selling while receiving guaranteed management of accounts receivable.  We see this represented by the interest from new preferred partners, in solutions not traditionally provided by PAGE, such as digital revenue, real estate brokerage, insurance advisory and IT security. 

It is a New Year and a new opportunity to begin to “save with PAGE.”

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