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Charity Huff is CEO of January Spring, which was created out of a passion for bringing the best solutions to market. Huff says her team has a combined 150+ years of sales and marketing experience and has tested, evaluated and worked with almost every advertising solution and vendor out there. She says: "We’ve seen fads flame out, and fly-by-night offers fizzle."  January Spring has tackled total site redesigns, deployed countless social and content strategies, and launched new brands on behalf of clients. They've trained and rode with well over 9,000 sales professionals, calling on local and regional businesses.

Jamie Butow is the January Spring sales director and has worked in the digital sphere for more than 20 years. Prior to joining January Spring, she worked with CEO Charity Huff at Tru Measure, a company built to aggregate digital advertising data and showcase campaign ROI. Today Butow works with local sales teams to help craft digital campaigns that will reach and resonate with the right audience at the right time. She specializes in social media and how consumers are relating to interacting on various social platforms, earning her master's degree in media psychology to compliment this. She lives in California where she enjoys the sun, watching her son play high school sports (whenever that happens again), and watching just about everything on the Food Network. 

Kristen Nicholas has a passion for providing exceptional client experiences. She’s honed the skills to provide them throughout her sales career. Formerly, Nichols assisted organizations in building “best in class” sales teams, creating and delivering sales training curriculum and providing sales coaching.  She is presently the senior sales executive for Ad Sales Genius, where she works with publishers to help them discover how CRM and automation software can bring efficiency to their businesses.

Nitosha Ramirez is director of sales and local marketing of January Spring. She is currently responsible for training and strategizing with 17 different markets throughout the U.S. on programmatic sales and social media advertising. Her trainings consist of Programmatic 101, Sales 101, Sub Modalities, Strategy, Understanding ROI, Audience Curation, Social Media and more! She has been working in the digital marketing arena for 10+ years. Her portfolio consists of selling search engine marketing, search engine optimization, online directories, display, social media, programmatic, direct mail and texting campaigns.


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