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In this live webinar, Matt Larson will outline the revenue opportunities in podcasting. From host-read and programmatic advertising, to new subscription tools on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, there have never been more ways to monetize audio. He also will demonstrate some of the automated tools for generating audio from text content, including Audio Articles.

This live webinar is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 17, at 2 p.m. EST. The session is free to attend — just click below to register now and reserve your seat for Nov. 17!



Create new revenue opportunities with Audio Advertising

Recently, we introduced a special promotion for Audio Articles, announcing that we are waiving the $250 Setup Fee associated with first-time setup for customers who add Audio Articles to their plan for a limited time.

While the benefits that Audio Articles offers to readers are clear — hands-free consumption of the news, multi-tasking, handicap accessibility, etc. — we wanted to focus this post on the key benefit that the add-on offers to our publishers: REVENUE!

Audio Articles introduces a brand new stream of revenue for publishers who aren’t already utilizing audio in their website in other ways.

Traditional web advertising like banner ads and tile ads aren’t as impactful when a reader isn’t looking at the screen, instead opting to listen to the content they’re consuming.

For advertisers to reach these listeners, they’ll need to use a different medium. Fortunately, Audio Articles comes pre-equipped with several options for accomplishing this.

1. Native Audio Advertising — Audio Articles includes native audio advertising, allowing you to enter a text sponsorship message that is read at the beginning of each Audio Article.

2. Third Party Advertising — If you’re using Audio Articles for a podcast, you can utilize BuzzSprout‘s third-party advertising features to add customized ads between episodes of your podcast.

3. Audio Player Sponsorship — Another option is to sell sponsorship of the "audio player" itself by displaying the advertiser’s logo. Most publishers sell this space in tandem with a Native Audio Ad, displaying the advertiser’s logo as well as a text-copy of the audio ad content that is read back to the listener.

4. Audio Only Subscriptions — If your audience takes a liking to Audio Articles, we have the ability to offer Audio Only Subscriptions for users who would prefer to pay for only the audio.

Guy Roginson of was one of our first customers to fully incorporate Audio Articles into their website and marketing strategy, enjoying continued success through the use of audio today. Guy was kind enough to answer a few questions about how has he profited from our Audio Articles feature below.

OHT: What was your process for seeking out advertisers who would be a good fit for audio?

Guy: Our sales staff targeted businesses who have already shared with us that they were interested in podcasting and the audio medium.

OHT: What kind of information and statistics did you provide in your initial pitch?

Guy: We provide overall download numbers + national numbers on podcasting showing how this is a growing medium.

OHT: How satisfied have your advertisers been with the results of their audio ad campaigns?

Guy: I would say overall very positive as our podcasting production is producing a profit.

OHT: Are there any tips you have for publishers just starting to use Audio Articles?

Guy: We determine what written stories get published to podcast by always tracking data and what written stories are trending online. I would also add to publish content as often as possible to continue to grow your audience.

Big thanks to Guy for taking the time to answer our questions and for allowing us to share his insight with our audience! Be sure to check out and take a first-hand look at how his team is using Audio Articles!

If you’re interested in adding Audio Articles to your website and taking advantage of these additional revenue opportunities, sign up or email our support team today before this limited time offer expires!


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