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Publishers: Connect to a new revenue stream


The COVID-loss reading and math scores are in, and the news is bad. All children have lost between two and 12 years of reading growth. Children are just not reading enough after two years of education disruption.

“They’re always looking at an entertainment screen — a television screen or a phone screen showing a violent or sappy movie, or an endless parade of cartoons, or hours and hours of adult sports. I never see youngsters and teens carrying around a book, let alone sitting and reading books. And they’re certainly not reading newspapers. They just don’t read!” (Exasperated sighs usually accompany this complaint.)

And children’s reading scores on state tests show it. The education data you report in your newspaper confirms this diminished reading achievement, year after year.

Children who are behind in reading are unlikely to be newspaper readers now and unlikely to be newspaper readers and subscribers in the future.

If you are searching for a new revenue stream to support your community newspaper, take a look at the Kid Scoop updated home page on our website.

Notice the headline: Kid Scoop connects your community: Newspapers, Schools, Homes, SPONSORS.

And who are these sponsors and why are they supporting Kid Scoop in your newspaper? Because adults at your local education-minded businesses and non-profits are also very worried about children’s reading scores, low reading ability. Low readers don’t become the best employees that businesses are searching for.

Kid Scoop helps children read much more after the school day ends when you publish this award-winning, educational, and ultra-fun feature each week. To increase their reading ability, children need to read at least 20 minutes a day. Most children do not, despite the strong efforts of teachers and school leaders.

We’ve redesigned the website to give you the free tools to persuade education-minded businesses and non-profits to invest with your newspaper in children. You as a publisher have the power to connect these sponsors of the weekly Kid Scoop page in your paper to all the children and parents in your community and inspire reading at home and school.

Read reports from newspaper publishers who have leveraged the power of community involvement in reading at the Publishers’ Exchange.

Kid Scoop has been helping children read more enthusiastically for 30 years. Establish your community newspaper as the community leader in reading advancement. Use the free tools on the Kid Scoop web page to help teachers. Bring the Kid Scoop page into your subscribers’ homes and hear how children and parents love to read your newspaper together. Help potential Kid Scoop page sponsors provide classrooms with weekly copies of your newspaper in areas of high need where children are far behind in reading. With your newspaper’s participation, Kid Scoop unites your community in raising good readers.

The writer of this article is Ellen Creane. She has experience as a freelance reporter for newspapers, an ESL college instructor, a former NIE manager at three newspapers and a marketing communications professional. To reach her for your project, email Also see her LinkedIn profile.

To learn more about Kid Scoop, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at 909-793-9890.


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