Local Journalism Sustainability Act continues to build support


Support continues to grow for the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, H.R. 7640, as more cosponsors sign on to this legislation that provides significant support to newspapers and local journalism.

Click here to view a current list of cosponsors

We are appreciative to our many members who have reached out to their representatives, as without these efforts, we would not have the support that we have today.

The next step is to continue to seek cosponsors for the bill. The House of Representatives is on recess, so your representatives are likely at home in their districts. It is best to reach out to them or their staff at the local district office, as calls to the DC office are likely not being monitored as closely at this time. If you’re not sure who represents your district, use this link to identify your representative, but remember to use the district office phone when you call.

While the Local Journalism Sustainability Act is a good bill and still gaining support, the tenets of the bill are even more important, and we believe that garnering support for these will put us in a better position for the next Congress, if H.R. 7640 doesn’t get traction. Your calls to garner support are very important as any bill cosponsors will likely continue to be supportive of future bills based on these tenets. Additionally, August is the perfect time to run editorials, cartoons and columns about the bill while your representatives are in their district.  Here's a link to a new editorial and editorial cartoon that America's Newspapers has just released for use by all newspapers.

Please feel free to reach out to me at dridings@newspapers.org if you have questions or need assistance with your communications with your representative. And remember, we have talking points and resources about the bill at https://newspapers.org/local-journalism-sustainability-act/


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