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Revolutionize your subscriptions: Eight ways a digital-first platform outperforms legacy circulation systems

Modern paywalls

In today's digital world, the publishing industry is undergoing a consumer-driven revolution. Readers now demand personalized experiences, enticing deals and seamless purchase processes. But adapting to this digital landscape requires overcoming challenges — everything from one-size-fits-all paywalls and stagnant pricing models, to overly complicated checkout flows and old systems.

Often, the problem lies in the reliance on legacy print circulation technology. While promising convenience, these systems hinder growth and dampen end-user experiences, leading to decreased sales and revenue. A digital-first audience platform has become essential to not just survive this change, but thrive. Despite this, some publishers still hesitate, seeking to have all their data consolidated "in one place."

Here are eight ways you can counter the drawbacks of traditional systems and provide the cutting-edge experience that readers deserve with BLOX Audience+.

1. Break free from outdated practices

While handing over your records to legacy print circulation systems may seem like data consolidation, it comes at a high cost. Publishers may find themselves constrained by outdated practices — requiring ZIP codes or registration before showing a price — that hinder adaptability and innovation.

Digital-first systems liberate publishers from the burden of obsolete technology. Built to be streamlined and frictionless, the BLOX Audience+ One-Page Purchase form is built on best practices and yields higher subscription sales.

2. Keep users from abandoning their carts

The end-user experience significantly impacts subscription sales. Legacy systems often struggle to provide the seamless, user-friendly interface expected by modern readers. This can result in potential subscribers abandoning their purchasing process, resulting in missed opportunities and decreased sales.

Look for systems that allow you to simplify the purchase workflow and keep users on the same screen. The One-page purchase with BLOX Audience+ reduces the burden on subscribers and increases conversions.

3. Rely on data reporting that makes sense

Data forms the backbone of successful publishing strategies. Having data-driven knowledge empowers publishers to make informed decisions, optimize content strategies and align offerings with evolving reader preferences. While legacy systems may claim data consolidation, they often fall short in comprehensive reporting.

BLOX Audience+, combined with BLOX Data Insights, offers valuable insights into reader behavior, content performance and subscription trends. Advanced publishers and groups can take advantage of end-to-end tagging in the purchase funnel to build custom reports in Google Analytics, or drop into their data lake.

4. Leave behind stale user experiences

Legacy circulation systems frequently lag in delivering the intuitive, modern user interfaces that readers crave. Older paywalls can be cumbersome and complicated leaving money on the table.

BLOX Audience+ embraces cutting-edge UX design, ensuring a better experience for readers accessing content and subscribing to digital offerings. This user-focused approach fosters loyalty, engagement and repeat business.

5. Respond to changes easier and faster

Traditional systems may lack the flexibility to quickly respond to market changes, pricing strategies or promotional campaigns. Remain agile in a dynamic market environment by selecting digital-first systems designed for flexibility.

With BLOX Audience+, you can make quick adjustments to pricing, campaigns and strategies, ensuring a responsive approach to business shifts. In just a couple clicks, you can create new rates or offers, personalize your paywall or set up 28-day or four-week billing.

6. Ditch the one-size-fits-all paywall

Legacy systems often limit you to providing a single paywall structure for all users regardless of their preferences or needs.

By utilizing a dynamic or personalized paywall such as BLOX Audience+, you can captivate audiences, develop complex user journeys and boost conversion rates — ultimately leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

7. Move away from unsupported software

As media organizations grow or diversify their offerings, legacy systems often struggle to scale effectively to accommodate increasing subscribers, editions or change in products. And many legacy circulation systems are no longer being supported or improved upon.

BLOX Audience+ is designed to be more scalable and adaptable to changing business needs with regular software updates. Modern solutions also offer long-term savings through improved maintenance, enhanced user experiences and maximized opportunities.

8. Protect and prioritize data security

Legacy systems often lack modern security features and robust data protection mechanisms. As data breaches become more common, keeping subscriber information secure is crucial.

Modern systems provide better security measures. Opt for platforms like BLOX Audience+ that implement advanced protections such as recaptcha enterprise and state-of-the-art security technology, ensuring data integrity and customer trust.

The BLOX Audience+ suite of products sets publishers free from outdated requirements, providing them with comprehensive reporting and a cutting-edge user experience that resonates with modern readers. By embracing digital-first platforms, publishers can unleash their full potential, adapt to the digital landscape and deliver the exceptional experiences their audiences want and deserve.

It's time to break free and embrace the future — the future is BLOX Audience+.

Bridget Sibthorp-Moecker is the director of audience at BLOX Digital.