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Adlistics is a media buying platform designed to better connect advertisers to publishers through automation and self-service. As founders of another media company in 2003, we witnessed the societal shift from traditional newsprint media to news media garnered from social platforms. As part of this shift, advertising dramatically changed from the traditional one-to-one advertiser to sales person interaction to a broad online approach where audience targeting became possible on a self-service platform. Now, media buyers can select an audience segment on a local, regional or national basis and run a campaign with very little work. Social platforms became billion-dollar companies overnight and relevant traditional news organizations suffered. We all know and lived this story; however, this is the back story to why Adlistics was built. 

The team at Adlistics realized that siloed media channels running traditional sales organizations could benefit from standardizing and streamlining the sales process. Other media formats — including out-of-home, radio, social and programmatic — have 24/7 self-service access, why not print?

Adlistics enables publications to manage and control their media profile (demographics, rates, all pub details, etc.) so advertisers can easily search, build a campaign and buy print and digital media directly with their selected publications. Within minutes and a few clicks of the mouse, a multi-publication media plan can be researched, built and contracted saving time, frustration and money to both advertisers and publishers.  

By streamlining all facets of the sales, contracting and proof of performance processes, publication staff can manage more clients in less time. In addition, advertisers will have a turn-key solution similar to other standardized self-service media platforms to purchase print and digital media.  

This complementary sales channel is meant to add incremental sales to your existing client base as your media market exposure will dramatically increase to prospective advertisers when listed with Adlistics.

Our goal is simple, we believe through automation and self-service, more advertisers will do more business with more publications. Adlistics only makes money when our publication partners do — through a small rate increase. There are no subscription or licensing fees. Join the Adlistics movement and get registered on our platform today.

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