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Revolutionize your advertising with Addressable Streaming TV!


Imagine a world where optimizing the ROI of your ad campaign happens by strategically placing ads during premium, professional-produced TV shows and movies. AdCellerant’s Addressable StreamingTM product can help you build brand awareness and laser-target foot traffic attribution. 

The advertising landscape continually changes, and staying ahead of the curve is essential. AdCellerant’s groundbreaking new Addressable Streaming TV product can reshape how your business connects with your target audience to deliver an unparalleled return on advertising investment. 

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, either. In 2022, Streaming TV viewership surpassed traditional cable for the first time, underlining a significant shift in consumer preferences. With a remarkable 88% of American households owning internet-connected TV devices and 92% of streaming TV content viewers engaging with ad-supported services, Addressable Streaming is positioned to create an immediate impact. 

WATCH: Addressing the Elephant: Streaming TV

We recently hosted a webinar to unveil how Addressable Streaming TV™ can empower you to reach the right audience, unleash strategic advertising during premium content, and achieve tangible engagement and increased ROI. 

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