From Influence to Impact:
7+ Steps to Make them Better Ones

Things are getting back to normal, but normal might not be the same as it was before. That is why your organization is counting on everyone, yes, everyone to help lead the team to growth — whether as a front-line leader or a leader “from the bench.”

Get ready for a session of real-world leadership skills that you can use and share with others in your organization who might really need it!  The session will include:

  • Change vs. growth
  • The value of fire drills
  • The value of 3-letter words (and 1- or 2- or 4-letter ones)
  • The value of “YOU Turns”
  • Owls moving fromage
  • How to make this applicable for the next “perfect storm”
  • 3 tips for better meetings
  • Leader? Manager? Shepherd?


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