Gimbals for video: A tool for journalists on the move


Emily Kummerfeld, University of Missouri graduate student, interviewed veteran video editor Monty Davis of The Kansas City Star about gimbals and video journalism.

Kummerfeld: What gimbals do you use now in the newsroom and why did you pick those?

Davis: One of the first gimbals we bought was the Osmo and that was our first introduction into using something with a gimbal. It just had that real butter smooth feel to it, didn't have any shakiness to it at all. And then for myself, I went ahead and bought one of the Osmo Mobile 2s, and I like to shoot my B roll with it because I hate tripods. I'll use a tripod when I have to; if I'm doing an interview with somebody or something that just absolutely has to be lock steady. I generally find myself in fairly tight places, whether I'm behind the scenes for somebody working in the kitchen and just want to get in close on somebody's hands. I hate trying to set up legs on a tripod.

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