DSLR to mobile: Dongles tips and tricks


In an increasingly minute-to-minute news cycle, live video can engage viewers with important context and information in real-time. DSLR dongles enable journalists to stream video directly from professional cameras to YouTube, Facebook and other live platforms.

✓ Pro: The biggest benefit to the dongles was utilizing existing resources such as audio mixers, lavaliers and other microphones to stream with high-quality audio from a variety of sources.

✗ Con: Dongles were less suitable for on-the-go reporting than mobile video kits, which stream directly from a phone camera with custom mobile lavaliers and lenses.

Check out five tips and tricks to help you decide on live-streaming through a DSLR dongle:  https://www.rjionline.org/stories/dslr-to-mobile-dongles-tips-and-tricks


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