Your efforts are needed to pass this legislation

The number of cosponsors is growing for H.R. 7640; where do your representatives stand?

We are seeing more cosponsors sign on in support of H.R. 7640, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act; there are now 37 cosponsors!

Dean Ridings, CEO of America's Newspapers, said: "This increasing show of bipartisan support is a great step, but it is important for our members to continue to reach out to their legislators and ask for their support for this bill and to educate their readers."

News industry is finding support for H.R. 7640, but your help is needed to make this a reality

The Local Journalism Sustainability Act is a bipartisan bill that would provide tax credits to support subscriptions, advertising and journalists' salaries for the news industry. In this E&P podcast, Publisher Mike Blinder talks with Francis Wick, CEO of Wick Communications. Wick is the "brainchild" behind this legislation.
Your help is urgently needed
Local Journalism Sustainability Act

Dear Newspaper Colleagues –

As you probably know by now, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act (HR 7640) was filed in the House of Representatives, and as an industry we now have a solution to reference moving forward. This bill directly addresses the critical components of the journalism ecosystem (readers, business owners and journalists) and can provide meaningful support to your newspaper as our industry continues to evolve.

There are three things that need to occur to move this effort forward:

  1. We need your effort and focus in educating our federal representatives on this matter now. As a leader of your organization, please call your local representatives (US House and Senate) and let them know of the serious challenge facing your newspaper and local journalism and that we need their leadership by cosponsoring this bill. We are seeking 100 cosponsors from across this country and political ideology. (Even if this bill doesn’t move, it can be the framework for seeking relief in the next COVID-19 relief package.)
  2. Educate your readers through local editorials on the tenants of this act, and why supporting local journalism and the ecosystem that serves it will only enhance the place they call home. Resources and sample editorials are available at   
  3. Please let me know the response you get from your representatives and how we can assist you in this process.

We have an opportunity for this effort to be understood by lawmakers now and over the next few weeks as the stimulus package discussions occur. With united efforts and voices in concert, we will ensure that your newspaper — and local journalism in general — has the best chance to succeed as an independent institution to help provide oversight the way our founding fathers intended ... essentially staying true to its principles and our founding documents.  

Thank you for taking action today,

Dean Ridings
CEO, America's Newspapers

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America's Newspapers is calling on all newspapers to contact their Congressional representatives asking for their support of H.R. 7640, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act.  In addition, we urge you to share copies of editorials you have run in your newspaper in support of this legislation. Send your editorials for inclusion on this page to or Our industry needs your support!

In a column written for members of America's Newspapers, Dennis Hetzel urges readers to join the bipartisan effort to pass HR 7640, which now has 37 cosponsors. Hetzel, a consultant, freelance journalist and author of two political thrillers, is a former lobbyist who wants to see Congress throw "a much-needed lifetime to community journalism and local businesses."

"As a lobbyist," Hetzel writes, "a major part of my job was to help politicians understand that whatever gripes they had with the national media — many of which I share — that was noise and not what we were about. Unlike Don Lemon or Tucker Carlson, local journalists aren’t driven by who’s up or down in the polls or purposely framing stories to satisfy an agenda. They’re just trying to report the news."

Read the full editorial from Dennis Hetzel

There’s a hunger for accurate and useful news coverage right now — even more so than usual — because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic and because we’re now only a few months away from a consequential election for the state and the nation.

But that demand also comes at a time when the pandemic has tightened budgets for families and businesses, two sources of support that local journalism — in particular newspapers — have long depended upon to underwrite that coverage: subscriptions and advertising.

Like a lot of businesses, The Daily Herald and its parent, Sound Publishing, have faced tough decisions to cut costs while still meeting the demand to provide news and community coverage that informs and entertains. And those decisions are little different than what other local journalism providers are having to confront throughout the nation.

Read the full editorial from The Daily Herald, Everett, Washington

The Daily News is the oldest newspaper in Texas — around longer than statehood itself. We’ve always worked to provide our citizens and community a newspaper they could proudly call their own. This is our time-honored call and mission.

We are a small business and privately held. No fancy towers in New York City. No, our modest world headquarters sits right off Interstate 45 as you cross onto the island. And our employees are as local as they get. You see us at the local grocery stores, farmers markets and places of worship.

Our hope is that your support — the action of reaching out to your congressional representatives — will allow us to continue to serve and play a role in our community for years to come.

Read the full editorial by Leonard Woolsey, The Daily News, Galveston, Texas

The possibility that Congress might support local journalism got a boost last week when U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Sunnyside, volunteered his leadership on the Local Journalism Sustainability Act. His support cements Washington state as ground zero of a growing bipartisan movement to save the free press.

Newhouse is co-sponsoring the bill with Democratic U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona. This bipartisan effort includes three good ideas to help local newspapers endure the devastating effects of a pandemic that arrived as the industry was already vulnerable. Over three decades, the landscape has been adversely impacted by consolidation and disinvestment by nonlocal financial opportunists, and more recently monopolistic control of digital advertising.

Read the full editorial by The Seattle Times editorial board

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Editor's Note: America’s Newspapers supports passage of the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, which was introduced July 16.  It is critically important that newspapers across the country get involved and take action to encourage their Congressional representatives to support this legislation. Members are encouraged to publish this opinion piece and the accompanying editorial cartoon — or write their own editorial — to educate the public about this important issue.

Congress has the opportunity to pass a relief measure that protects your access to trustworthy local news, helps grow local businesses through ads placed in local news media — and rewards you for subscribing to a newspaper like this one. Your support is needed for this legislation!